Loving Without Losing….

A two person who is into a relationship should help each other to grow, enhance the themselves and accepting what they are as a person.  Not to change everything about each other for they are looking for something and wanting something which is not you.  They should bring out the best in each other not only the good parts but also the not so good parts. 

Falling in love is the reason why women/man want to changes in themselves for them to be accepted.  Especially the women because their man is looking for something in the.  Women to try their best to keep their with her and be there for her.  Even losing their personality for the sake of their boyfriend.  Unconsciously women losing their best selves because they fall in love.  Because of putting the guy as the center of their life.  Its like their world evolves around for the guy.  And guys are taking advantage of it, for girls will do anything for them. 

Girls should wake up and bring back their selves to the real world and real person they are.  Prioritized themselves and get the back the quality of life they have before the guy enters in their life.  Do everything you want and especially your interest that makes you happy and feel alive.   Women can love a man without losing themselves because that is life should be.  Loving without losing, instead grow together and be the better person.