Ask Him Why……

Women do have fear that their man is cheating on them, especially when it is a long distance relationship.  Anything can happen because of the distance that separates them.  Jealousy, doubts and lack  of communication are  the reasons why love they felt is slowly fading.  Women do have that fear because temptation is just around the corner, waiting for the next victim.  Although not only man do cheat, but man cannot control the temptation that is knocking on their doorstep.    And some men, do not like their woman to ask too much.  They felt being choked and not trustworthy.  This happens because couples do not have time to communicate and time to spend together.  Every time women ask of something they will yell and said ‘stop it’.  Which makes women think they do cheat.

This is what happened to a friend of mine.  She is not sure if her man is serious and have plans for the two of them in the near future.  She felt insecure because her man working far away from her.  Seldom to talk for he said he is too busy.  Her mind says let go of him but her heart says hold on.  Every time she do shares her doubts about her man, I felt so sorry for her.  Why he is so unfair to her?   Why she keeps her hanging on?  Things that needed to be answered before the big damage be done.  I so want to help her but I cannot because that is her life.  As a friend, I listen and give advice to boost her self.  I always told her ask him why but every time she asked him that, he say stop it.  So sad but his love is not sure, if it will be given it to her.  He just spent some time to talk only if he wants to.  I just wish that he has plans for them and if not better he ends it because my friend is waiting for him to end it.  I wish her good luck and all the best in life.

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