A Baby’s Heart Beat…

My sister is pregnant for two months now.  The family is so excited and happy to hear the good news.  We are looking forward to meet the new member of the family.  She is so blessed with a loving husband and now an angel on the way.  I can see it in her eyes the glow that she is excited to become a mother.  Last month we went to the doctor for checked up.  For her to know what she is going to do and what vitamins she is going to take.  Since it is her first baby, and she is 32 they said it is very risky.  So she needs to ask some questions to the OB for her safety and the baby.  She has a friend who is pregnant and asked by the OB to have complete bed rest because it is very risky because of her age.  And my sister is so scared to happen it to her, so she needs to see the doctor.

On her first checked up, the OB said she has to have an ultrasound for us to know if the baby has a heart beat.  She can’t give any medicine yet unless the ultrasound result has been given.  She just said to my sister to drink milk and eat if she feels hungry.  After months of waiting, she went to the clinic last week to get the ultrasound laboratory.  Yesterday we go back to get the result and give it to the OB.  We are happy to know that the angel has a heartbeat and is in good condition.  An angel on her way indeed.  The Ob finally prescribed what vitamins she has to take for the baby and her.  We are looking forward for her next check up next month.  An update for the upcoming member of the family.

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