Relieve from Pain…

For the past two days I am in pain because of the urinary tract infection.  It is really painful and made me want to cry.  As I do not want to take antibiotics, I keep on drinking lots and lots of water.  I am glad that the pain slowly gone last night.  When I woke up this morning I feel no pain anymore and I am very happy.  A big thanks to my sister’s friend who is a nurse who told us to drink lots of water.  Water therapy do help me ease the pain I felt. 

From now on, I will not eat salty foods especially junk foods.  Even if it is my favorite I have to avoid it for my own good.  I can’t afford to have the it again.  It is painful to the point of I do not know what to do.  I do not want to put myself in danger so I better stop eating those kind of foods.  Prevention is better than cure.  As I am browsing reading about urinary tract infection and the cause and effect of it.  Makes me more scared because I also put my kidneys into trouble.  If I continue eating eat and the infection will go up, my kidneys will be in trouble.  I cannot afford that to happen to me.  I have to take good care of myself.  No one will suffer but me in the future.  Today as I am relieve from the pain, I take good care of myself more and do not eat salty foods ever again. 

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