Life Isn’t Fair…..

Everyone of us goes through toughs times.   No matter how much we wanted it to make things perfect, there are things that will tease us not to make it correctly.  All will fall and tumbling down against us and sometimes we lose focus and concentration.  We might still say it is okay and we can handle it, but deep inside we are frustrated of the things that is happening around us.  We sometimes felt sorry for ourselves and  for others.  We are thinking that life really isn’t fair.  Every thing  that we think will fall into places are opposite of what we are expecting. 

The funny thing is that we still think that life will be fair, but in reality its not and it wont be.  Here on earth, we should know that life really is not fair.  There are different status in life, education, and jobs.  There is a big gap between rich and poor.  Some rich they are superior and above over the poor people.  Poor people do see rich one above them also.  Sad but it is true, and rich people are taking advantage of that.  They used poor people who are in need to do job for them in a very low salary.  I just hope that rich people will see that poor are also human deserves to be respected and treated well.  Truly life isn’t fair in this world we are live in, but in the eyes of God we are all even and equal.