When Mr. Right Turns Mr. Wrong…..

Every girl dreaming of a guy who is their night and shining armour.  In searching for that person, we are able to meet lots of strangers.  It can be a good or a bad strangers.  Some do blinded by their looks, physical appearance most especially by their smile.  Girls are mesmerize by these outlook of a certain guy.  Kind of interested and then decided to spend time with this guy to know better.  Spending time together will tell who the person really is.  And to know if they are compatible together.  

In the period of knowing each other, girls will be able to learn what kind of a person she is dating with.  He is not worth the time a girl spent.  It is a big disappointment to a girl when their mr. right turns mr. wrong.  The guy of their dreams turns out to be a big nightmare to them.  Truly first impression never last.  Always take a second look and weigh the person as a whole.  Finding the man of our dreams will come on the day we are less expected it.  We just have to spend time patiently waiting.  For it will be given to us by God in the right and perfect time.  No need for us to rash for we might get stumble an fall and we will find it hard to come back again.  Instead of meeting the man of our dreams, we will meet the man who is a lion on a sheepskin.