Happy Being Solo…

I have heard a lot of stories about girls who are looking for the love of their life.  Searching for someone who will love them and care for them in a special way.  Doing it in a hurry and ended up being hurt and left alone.  They make a big mistakes in their life for making a rash decision just to feel being loved.  Mostly falls for a wrong man, a man that only play games, looking for fun and not serious.  Men do sense when a girl is giving a motive, so they took advantage of that.  Girls just cried and sad in the corner for they fooled by someone whom they think love them. 

Searching for special someone takes time and effort.  The first thing that we should do is to find happiness for ourselves.  Make our self happy first before entering into any relationship.  Flying solo will make us realize that there are lots of avenues for happiness other than falling in love.  Before you can be happy to someone else you must make yourself happy first.  Nothing compares the happiness and contentment from within.  Once you have done this every thing else will follow and fall into places.  We have to prioritize our self  first before anything else.  Always think of ME being happy even in solo. 

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  1. by suhail kapoor, on May 26 2010 @ 5:53 pm


    nice thoughts … very well written .. thanks

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