Choose Your Battles…

Each of us has different battles in life that we have to overcome and surpass.  We have battles about life, family, friends, environment, people around us and trials in life.  There will be times when we are losing temper makes us freak out because it is too heavy to handle.  Giving up is the first thing in our mind that will appear.   And we rather stop trying and do not try to keep it going.  These are the things that will test ourselves from doing and achieving what we really want in life.  There maybe time when we lose control and confront or fights others.  We get into arguments, which leaves everyone irritable.  Which is not very good because it will be very stressful for us. 

If you choose your battles wisely, you will know how to handle everything.  You will find in yourself the courage to fight and do your best to win it.  Choose a battle that is very challenging to you.  That will surely mold you into a better and stronger person.  Choose what is very important to you, because it will be more effective to fight and you will surely have a big chance of winning it.  Stand up and be proud of yourself because you are able to succeed in those battles.

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