Leave The Past Behind…

When a relationship ends, we are in a situation wherein we do not know what to do.  We sometimes looking for something we do not know.  Do not want to talk, just stay in the room and have a quiet moment to think.  We find it hard to understand what was going on.  Why did it end so soon.  Whether it is good or a bad break up, it cuts so deep in our heart.  Wounded heart that will be healed in due time.

In a situation like this, we have to leave the past behind.  We have to move on and get a life.  Start a new life because life must go on.  We may find it hard to let go the memories but that is the best thing to do for us to move forward.  Although that past will remain in our heart and in our mind it hurts sometimes to think about it.  Be with the place that you used to go with that someone you love also helps for us to move on.  Its like making your memories alone in the same  place.  It is a good feeling to be alone sometimes and think of your life.  A life ahead of us.  A life that is free from a possible pain if ever someone love us and leave us.  People come and people go, just be ready to let it go when that time comes.  And leave the past behind to move on with your life.

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