People are so mean sometimes.  They love to criticize others, and look for the bad and negative side.  They love to do that make you feel like little less of a person.  Every time you do something, they will make you feel like is not right.  To them you are not doing the right thing.  It sometimes makes us angry and losses our temper for what they are doing to us.  They think it is funny if they do criticize others.  There are two kind of criticism, the positive and the negative one.  Most of the time we heard negative rather than the positive side.  Because it is easy to find the negative.  It is not hard to find the things that are not pleasant to their ears and eyes.  Plus, when we say criticize it is more of the negative side. 

To avoid this kind of feeling there is a right way of dealing criticism.  Be appreciative, because through their criticism it make us a better and stronger person.  Avoid getting defensive, accept what they say and never argue.    Because it will make you look guilty of the criticism.  Make it as a basis to do it better next time.  Fighting to a person who criticize you is a waste of time and energy.  The best way to respond to a criticism is to simply say: ” Thanks for the feedback”.