Soon to be a Mommy….

Last four months ago, my sister got married.  I am so sad because I am losing my only sister, but at the same time happy for she find someone whom she share her life with and someone she love and love her.  I do have sleepless night because I missed her for we used to be sleep in the same room.  I missed the night when we are talking anything until we fall asleep.  Those were the days when she is still single.

Last month she told me she is pregnant, i am so happy for her because she wants a baby.  Before she is worried because she thinks she is old and it would be difficult to get pregnant.  Now her worries are all gone, because soon she will be a mommy.  I can see it in her eyes she is very happy and excited, always wants to see me and want me to eat with her.  She told me that every time she has a doctor appointment I will go with her, which makes me more excited.  I can say that I am always updated by her pregnancy.

Her expected due date is early next year.  We am looking forward to it, that will be the happiest moment of her life.  To give birth to her baby and be called mommy.  I wish her all the best, healthy and happy pregnancy. And also a happy life for her, together with her family.