Unsung Writer…..

Writing is one of my passions in life.  I always write in  a piece of paper what I felt in everyday of my life.  I feel that by writing, I can be me and I can express what I felt inside.  Writing makes me feel I am free and I can be me.  I can share through writing my ideas and thoughts.  I find it easy to tell what is in my heart and I can be able to express the things that I want to keep it just by myself.  When I am not comfortable to tell it to someone else, I put it in writing.  I do have diary before but someone reads it and I lost the interest of having a new one.

I am so happy that my friend introduced to me this blogging career.  Wherein I can practice, express and share my hobbies in writing.  I will be able to enhance my talent in writing and at the same time I am earning.  I am interested in it, so I give it a try and be able to share what is in my thoughts.  I find it very exciting and enjoyable, being able to write my daily activities, experiences and my life.  Never would I thought I can be as open as this knowing that anybody can read it.  But I felt fulfilled and feeling like a true writer if I am able to touch my readers heart while they are reading my article.  I really like doing it, so I will succeed and find fulfillment in here.